April Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter

1. Welcome to all new BDTKD students.

2. Important April dates: Saturday, April 14: Red/Black Belt Exam Review (NO REGULAR CLASSES) Saturday, April 28: Beach Training 9-10:30am, 74th St. Beach (All Levels White-Black Belt)

3. Congratulations to all newly promoted Shadow Warriors. The next SW exam will be in May.

4. Red/Black Belts: The official review for all candidates who would like to test in June is Saturday, April 14, at 9am. We will go through the exam in its entirety, and only those students who show that they are completely ready will be granted the right to apply for the June examination.

5. Our first beach training for 2018 will be held on Saturday April 28 from 9-10:30am, at the beach on 74th Street. This training is for all levels and all BDTKD clubs White-Black Belts. Please arrive on time. Attire for training is dobok pants, belt, and either Blue Dragon TKD T-Shirt or white T-Shirt. Bring your sparring gloves for drills. We will be getting into the ocean, so be ready to get wet! Bring a towel and change of clothes/sunscreen as needed.

6. There are 4 students in Miami Shores who will be taking their exams during classes in early April. I will be giving out applications and scheduling the exams, so please be aware.

7. Saturday classes are available for students from both Miami Shores and Surfside, White-Black Belts (no Shadow Warriors), at our Miami Shores location. Classes are as follows: Patterns/Exam Prep 9:30am-10:15am, Sparring/Drills 10:15-11:00am. You must attend Patterns, may attend Sparring (Yellow Belt and up, Mandatory). Please take advantage of the additional training.

8. If you are in need of private classes, I (and my Black Belt Instructors) are available to teach by appointment. Please notify me if you would like to schedule an appointment.

9. I will be conducting a presentation on popular diets and nutrition on Monday April 9, at 7pm in the Miami Shores Rec Center TKD room. I highly recommend that adults who are interested in learning about many of the concepts behind today’s popular diet programs, if/how they work, and what to do to have success in eating well attend. It will be approximately 1 hour.

10. In order to be considered for promotion at any rank, it is important that you not only show up for class, but put the work in both in class and outside of the dojang. It is not enough to simply show up. We are a serious school, and we take great pride in our students’ successes.

11. Black Belts: Now is the time to register for the Orlando IIC. Don’t wait. The dates of the course are May 25-27. Registration must be through the official website at http://www.vierataekwondo.com/2018-orlando-iic/. The hotel has a limited number of rooms blocked, so you should act soon. The deadline for reservations is the end of April. The ATFI is the hosting organization, and I will be helping to run the event.

12. If you are interested in participating in the USA qualifying tournaments for Nationals, you need to let me know as soon as possible. The schedule of tournaments are up for 4 of the 5 qualifiers.

13. If you haven’t already, friend my personal page on Facebook, so I can add you to our FB BDTKD Private Community. Also, “Like” our FB Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do page, subscribe to our Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do YouTube page, and visit our website: www.bluedragontkd.org!

Have a great April!

Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim