August Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

1. Welcome back to all students who took time off over the summer, and welcome to all new students!

2. We are holding an Innerschool Fundraising Tournament on Saturday August 26, beginning at 9am. Competition is mandatory for all students White-Black Belts. Competition events will be Individual Patters and Sparring, Team Sparring (Teams of 3), Individual Power Breaking (1 hand and 1 foot technique), Individual Specialty Breaking (High Kick). Application is attached! All applications and fees are due to me no later than August 24th! All proceeds will go to supporting our World Championship competitors!

3. Mr. Dandeneau's tournament in Melbourne will be held on Saturday, September 23rd. I highly recommend that all students attend, and competition is mandatory for all students Green Belt and up. Application is attached. All applications and fees are due in to me no later than September 16th!

4. Please be sure to attend classes as often as possible. We cover different material each day, so if you miss class, you miss out.

5. We are beginning a new program at the Surfside Recreation Center in September. Black Belts will be assisting in running this program. We are excited to welcome Surfside into our BDTKD family!

6. WC competitors, please be sure you have your complete travel arrangements, and that Master Morris has all of your info! Also, make sure you are performing your daily conditioning work.

7. I had shoulder surgery on August 1st. I will be in a sling for 6 weeks, and will be assisted by Black Belts.

8. In July, I was inducted into the 2017 class of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Taekwon-Do Master of the Year. I am honored to share this award with all of my students!

9. If you are enjoying your training, the best gift you can give your instructor is to invite a friend to join us!
Have a great August!

Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim