December Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter

1. Welcome to all new BDTKD students!

2. Please pay attention to the following December dates:

-Saturday December 16: Red and Black Belt ONLY Exam Preparation Training, 9:30-11:00. NO CLASS

-Last class of 2017: (Miami Shores) Saturday December 23rd. (Surfside) Wednesday December 20th.

-NO CLASSES December 25-January 1st. Classes resume Tuesday January 2nd in Miami Shores, and January 10th in Surfside

3. Congratulations to all of the newly promoted Shadow Warriors and Gup ranks. You have much work ahead, so train hard!

4. Our annual ITF Tournament will be held on Saturday February 10, 2018. You may go online on our Facebook community page and print out an application, or I will provide one for you. Applications for our students are due by the end of January, and competition is mandatory for all students! I hope to have our students from both our Miami Shores and Surfside locations participate this year!

5. The 1st exam at our Surfside location will be held during class on Wednesday December 20th,.

*Parents: We do not automatically promote students based upon attendance. If they show aptitude in the required skills at the exam, they will be promoted. If they need further practice and training to achieve aptitude, they will need to continue working. There are no exceptions made for any student, and it is disrespectful to instructors to ask for promotion. We will not depreciate the value of rank advancement, under any circumstances, in our programs at Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do.

6. Parents-Regarding photography and video during classes:

While I appreciate that you want to take photos and videos of your child during class, in order to maintain some control over what materials are circulating (especially on social media), I ask you to please first ask for my permission to take photos or videos. I will generally say yes, but there will be times when it is inappropriate to do so. If you choose to ignore my request, I will ask you to step outside of the training areas during class. During exams, demonstrations, events, or tournaments, you may take any video or photos you’d like without restriction. Thank you for your understanding!

7. Our website has be re-vamped! Please check out the new site at! Also, “Like” our Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do Facebook page. Please friend me personally on FB, so that I can add you to our closed Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do community page, where we share information and news related to our programs, as well as parents and students can discuss things and post photos. We also have a Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do YouTube page, which you should subscribe to, where there are instructional videos, footage from tournaments and testings, and other information.

8. I just received an email invite to Ms. Golino's ITF rules tournament in Lake Mary, to be held on Saturday January 13th. I have not yet committed to going. Parents/Students: Please advise me ASAP if this is an event you are interested in attending!!!

9. The next IIC in the USA is hosted by ATFI, and will be held in Orlando May 25-27th. All Black Belts are expected to attend! Please visit the ITF website for information and to register!

10. Depending upon how my shoulder continues to improve, I may also be attending the IIC in Ocho Rios Jamaica, March 2-4. The deadline for registration and payment is December 18th. If you are a Black Belt interested in attending the Jamaica IIC (in addition to the IIC in Orlando), please let me know ASAP!

Have a great December!

Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim