November Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

1. Welcome to all new Blue Dragon TKD students!

2. The next Shadow Warriors Rank Exam (Miami Shores) will be held on Thursday November 16, during class. Please make sure that your child is prepared. Students may arrive as early as 4:30pm to begin their exams.

3. The next Gup Rank Exam will be held on Saturday November 18th at 9:30am. The Written Exam will be held in class on Tuesday November 14th. All applications and exam fees are due by the 14th, and only those students who receive an application are eligible for examination.

4. If you are behind on your curriculum, please make efforts to attend class on Saturday! We spend 45 minutes specifically on Patterns review, as well as exam requirements.

5. We would like to congratulate Catherine Padilla, Bobby Weisner, and Ville Ailio, on representing the USA in Dublin, Ireland last month at the ITF World Championships! We are proud of your success.

6. The following students should be preparing for Black Belt examinations in June of 2018: 1st Degree: Rayvin Velasco, Rocco Marando, Ranier Velasco 2nd Degree: Chase Timinsky, Ville Ailio, Catherine Padilla, Jada Llerena 3rd Degree: Juan Guzman All candidates must be actively training, ITF certified, and pass Written and Physical Examinations for promotion. Additionally, all applications are due in 3 months prior to examination. There will be a review in March for all candidates.

7. Red/Black Belts: We have instructional opportunities available for you to begin teaching at both our Miami Shores and Surfside locations. If you are interested in developing skills for instruction, please let me know.

8. Parents: Please be advised that it is extremely important for you to have your child in class on time. Additionally, students must be in proper uniform. Nothing may be worn under the dobok except for regular undergarments, sports bras (women), and white t-shirt. No jewelry is to be worn during class, this is for your own safety and the safety of other students. Thank you!

9. Our annual tournament in Miami will be held on Saturday February 10th, 2018. Participation for all BDTKD students is mandatory. If you are a parent who is available to assist us on tournament day, please let me know! Thanks.

10. We will be closed on Thursday November 23rd and Saturday Novemeber 25th for the Thanksgiving weekend.

11. Surfside class session 1 ends Wednesday November 8th. Classes resume for Session 2 on November 29th.

Have a great November!

Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim