September Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

1. Welcome to all new BDTKD students!

2. Mr. Dandeneau’s Melbourne tournament will be held on Saturday, September 23rd. If you are planning on competing, please get me the applications as soon as possible.

3. The September Rank Exam will be held on Saturday September 30. The Written Exam will be held on Tuesday the 26th, during class. Only those students who are given applications will take the exam. Applications and fees are due in on the 26th.

4. The next Shadow Warriors exam will be held on Thursday September 28th, during class.

5. I will be receiving a shipment of Gup and Black Belt training manuals from Master Nunez this month. Please let me know if you need one.

6. All students Green belt and up must be members of the ATFI. If you need an application, let me know.

7. Next month is the ITF World Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Viile Ailio was selected as an alternate in 1st Dan Patterns, Catherine Padilla will represent our country in Junior Sparring, Bobby Weisner will represent the USA in Junior 1st Dan Patterns and Sparring, and I will be one of the coaches for the USA. We are very proud to represent our country and BDTKD in the World Championships!

8. Our program in Surfside begins this month. Classes are held on Wednesdays. We welcome all of you!

9. We are in the midst of hurricane season. Please pay attention to the weather and be sure to maintain your safety!

10. Please like our FB Blue Dragon page, as well as reach out to my personal page, so I may add you to our private community.

Have a great September! Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim

Have a great September!

Master Fruitstone, Sahyunim